30 years ago, the Carugati Automobiles corporation was born as a result of the passion of its founder, Tiziano, for Italian sport cars, and in particular for Ferrari.

This passion has continued to grow over the course of the years, and the company, which is now run by Tiziano and his son Fabrizio, offers a wide range of new and used models that are both luxurious and exclusive. The vehicles, including some rare collector’s items, can be seen in their showroom at Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva.

In addition to its fleet of exceptional cars, the international reputation of Carugati Automobiles is also based on the warm welcome, excellent service and exemplary follow-up for every one of its customers.

Carugati Automobiles is also the exclusive agent for the Pagani brand in Switzerland. This prestigious Italian brand, positioned in the very up-market sector of the car industry, designs exceptional models in limited series that combine sporting flair, advanced engineering and prestige.




The Argentine engineer Horacio Pagani was born on 10 November 1955. The son of transalpine immigrants, he was fascinated by cars at an early age. In 1983, he moved to Italy with a letter of recommendation signed by none other than Juan Manuel Fangio. He worked for Lamborghini as chief engineer, then in 1991 founded the company Modena Design, specialising in the manufacture of carbon fibre components. In 1992 Pagani built a prototype which he tested successfully in the wind tunnel the following year, and managed to convince Mercedes to supply him with V12 engines. This model was named the Zonda C12. After long years of development, the car was presented at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show. In keeping with principles close to the heart of Horacio Pagani, the Zonda had a carbon fibre shell and body. It was updated over the years, while remaining a very exclusive model (fewer than 200 Zondas produced). The definitive model, the Zonda Revolucion, was presented in 2013. Meanwhile, Horacio Pagani unveiled its successor, the Huayra, in 2011.

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Tiziano Carugati
Français - Italiano
It’s now more than thirty years since Tiziano started his car business to live the life that meant so much to him. A Ferrari specialist, this doesn’t stop him from having a fondness for vehicles of all makes and from all eras.
+41 (0)79 301 04 44
Fabrizio Carugati
Français - English
Spurred on by his love of cars, Fabrizio joined the family business in 2003 and learned the trade alongside his father, benefiting from the latter’s broad experience.
+41 (0)79 784 30 32
Kamal Kheresto
Français - Arabe
Kamal joined the Carugati business in 1992 and has infused it with his natural good humour ever since. Always ready to be of service, his qualities make him one of the linchpins of the firm.
+41 (0)79 611 45 75
Marc Seynave
Français - English - Hollandais
Extreme sportsman and car lover Marc finally joined the Carugati business in 2011, having been around to help out on many occasions since 2009. Since then he has been the fastest driver on the road to make it on time for a plane or an appointment, and his natural good humour makes him one of the linchpins of the firm.
+41 (0)76 508 91 44

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