The story
of a dream

Just like Tiziano Carugati, argentine automotive engineer Horacio Pagani was born to Italian immigrants and was fascinated by cars from a very young age. In 1983, he moved to Italy with a letter of recommendation from Juan Manuel Fangio. He joined Lamborghini, working his way up  to become chief engineer before leaving to found Modena Design, a firm specialising in the manufacture of carbon fibre components.

In 1992, Pagani built a prototype that he would successfully test in the wind tunnel the following year, and managed to convince Mercedes to supply V12 engines for it. This model would be baptised the Zonda C12.

After years of development, the car was finally unveiled at the 1999 Geneva International Motor Show. And it was here that Tiziano, who fell in love with the Zonda C12, would meet Horacio. This encounter was the beginning of a warm and close relationship between Tiziano and Horacio, and between Carugati Automobiles and Pagani Automobili. True to Horacio Pagani’s principles, the Zonda has a carbon fibre shell and chassis. This highly exclusive model (fewer than 150 Zondas have been built) has evolved over the years and celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2019. Horacio Pagani unveiled its replacement, the Huayra, in 2011. As the marque’s exclusive agent for the Swiss market for over 15 years, Carugati Automobiles has played a key role in the history and success of Pagani in Switzerland and the world. A great many Paganis of all models and generations have been and continue to be sold by Carugati.