After spending 15 years with his parents in the kitchens of the Le Cheval-Blanc restaurant in Vandoeuvres, Tiziano started his own business in the motor industry to live out his passion for Ferraris and Italian cars in general.

Tiziano: “I’ve been mad about Ferraris since I was a child, mainly because of my father who always wanted to own one. We would regularly go and visit different garages in the region with that in mind. In the end my father had to wait more than 30 years to buy a Ferrari since my mother was worried about what people would say, mainly comments by customers at the family restaurant. I bought my first Ferrari at the age of 21 while I was still working with my parents in the kitchen. Feeling that my father and my mother were wary of my passion for cooking, I started selling Ferraris, first one, then two, then three… Eventually it got to the stage where I was spending more time with cars than in the kitchen. So my father said to me one day: “Tiziano, now you have to choose what you really want to do in life.” I chose cars, much to my father’s displeasure, which I only found out years later. But I have never regretted it. I salute the memory of my parents, who let me follow my own path, even though I’ve had to work hard to succeed without their help.”